Point Your Gun In Another Direction (ibleedsorrows) wrote in makeshiftunited,
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New here

Yeh i just joined the community. Needs more fans though, Not to mention people need to know WHICH Makeshift we are representing, cuz there are like 13 other Makeshifts. This community could of waited Later on when there would be more fans, but hey you know Your code. Nice going xxbathoryxx and epicureangrl on the community.

Makeshift rocks My face!!!!! I remember first seeing them when they had Justin. They fuckin Rocked. My Old Band, JIGSORE Did A couple of Shows with them too, when it was Justin, pretty rockin too. And if no one was there to see Makeshift Or Jigsore, then you were all Lame.

New Makeshift Is Better Now. I still Miss Justin and All but hell Dave Rocks and Makeshift rocks the house 10x's more now.

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